The long time anticipation that we’ve been waiting for what felt like prolonged months finally arrived.Margery and I were finally going to the Fifth Harmony Summer Reflection Tour concert. Now,for many who don’t know who Fifth Harmony is or may not think this is a big thing, Fifth Harmony is a girl group that was formed on the television series The X Factor USA in 2012, and even though they didn’t win,they were a big hit, releasing an EP and now recently, their first album ever called “Reflection”.Not to brag or anything,but lets just say these girls are pretty amazing. I could go on for ages explaining why,but lets get back to the concert.The concert was held in Beacon theatre, which was a fairly small place, but these girls and their opening acts didn’t let that get in the way from putting on a spectacular show. The opening acts consisted of Natalie La Rose,Bea Miller(was also on The X Factor the same year as the girls), and Common Kings. The entire show was literally unexplainable and the girls even showed up for some fun during the opening acts.This was my third time seeing the girls and I could honestly say I wouldn’t mind seeing them again(yes,they’re that good).As for Margery,this was her first concert ever and it was one heck of an experience.

Now lets get this over with and leave nice links for each artist below so you can check them out:

oh and heres some pictures from the day/night:IMG_0011       IMG_0688  IMG_0674        IMG_0755  IMG_0049  Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.16.08 PM



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